Entry #58

HTML5/Javascript demo!

2013-03-08 11:13:50 by Assios

Hey! Me and three friends made a demo for a Norwegian competition called Robocup (even though the demo isn't even related to the competition - we did it just for fun). Our team name was KINK Is Not Kinect (recursive, like GNU and WINE). The demo is programmed in Javascript, using the WebGL library. You can watch it at http://kinkdemo.com, or check out the source code at GitHub.

I also posted the background song made for the demo here at Newgrounds - listen to it here!

Can you find the easter egg?

HTML5/Javascript demo!


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2013-03-09 09:14:47

Wish this was a real game. :)


2013-03-09 12:33:09

Any chance this is gonna be at The Gathering or Solskogen this year? :D

Assios responds:

At least some of the team members will probably attend Solskogen this year, and perhaps TG next year :)


2013-03-09 12:37:32

Last question, does your library have anything to do with mrdoob HTML5/WebGL engine or this is your own? (looking through the sources now)

Assios responds:

Yep, it's mrdoobs WebGL engine :)